Lucas J. Harger
Lucas J. Harger
editor of moving pictures
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Lucas is an acclaimed film and commercial editor. His accolades include an Emmy for cutting “The Road through Warroad” a nationally broadcasted documentary for NBCSN, as well as a Silver YDA award for his work on “Sleep Well my Baby” at the Cannes Film Festival. While currently putting the finishing touches on a feature documentary following the true American Cowboy, William Morris Endeavor has slated it for representation and a future release date. Interspersed between long-form editing, Lucas cuts broadcast and web commercials for nationally recognized clients such as but not limited to; Enterprise, Anheuser-Busch, Famous Footwear, Amazon & Microsoft. Priding himself on being a key collaborator across diverse project categories, Lucas brings passion and creativity to every venture.


editor reel

0:10 // Road Through Warroad (Enterprise) // Branded Content // Director Tim Wilson

0:51 // The Heights // Short Film // Director Ryan Booth // Runtime 20min

1:48 // Order of Cholula // Directors Cut //  Director Cale Glendening // Runtime 60sec

2:21 // Donation // Short Film // Director Paul Emerson // Runtime 4.5min

2:57 // The Lone Bellow (Times Always Leaving) // Music Video // Director Ryan Booth // Runtime 3.2min

3:16 // Sleep Well My Baby // Short // Director Twin Taoers // Runtime 1.2min

3:59 // NeedToBreath (Hard Love) // Music Video // Director Director Ryan Booth // Runtime 3.8min

4:24 // Five Star // Documentary // Director Ryan Booth // Runtime 26.8min

4:59 // Remember (Magic House) // Broadcast // Director Tim Wilson

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