DocLucas J. Harger

SerialBoxTV - EP/01

DocLucas J. Harger
SerialBoxTV - EP/01

EP/01 Executive Producer // Paul Bannister
Directed by // Ryan Booth

All songs written by // Noah Gundersen
Music performed by // Noah Gundersen / Abby Gundersen / Johnny Gundersen / Armon Jay / Micah Simler
Featuring // David Ramirez

Studio Session
Produced by // Ryan Booth / Patrick Dodd / Jordy Wax
Camera Operators // Joey Mathews / Daniel Karr / Brittan Pittman / Neil Sandoz / Jordy Wax / Chase Smith
Technical Director // James Jackson
Production Designer // Tyler Swanner
Audio Engineers // Michael Razmandi / Matt Reynolds
Production Assistant // Reese Karger
Filmed on location at WHT BX Studios, Houston, TX

Behind the Scenes // Ryan Connolly / Tim Connolly / Josh Connolly

Seattle Production
Produced by // Ryan Booth / Jordy Wax
Directed / Shot by // Ryan Booth
1st AC // Jordy Wax
Production Audio // Sam Stewart
Production Assistance // Erick Sandlin
Gear furnished by // Contrast Films

Post Production
Edited by // Lucas J. Harger
Studio Audio Mixed by // Jay Snider
Studio Audio Mastered by // Ty Robins
Sound Design and Broadcast Mix // Steve Horne
Title Design // Tyler Swanner
Motion Graphics // Casey Latiolais
Graded by // Ryan Booth / Lucas Harger

Special Thanks // Emerald City Guitars / Fremont Abbey / Pho Bac / Bruton Stroube / Wedgwood Circle / Contrast Films / Nadji Films / 31 Films / Triune Films & Film Riot / Paul Bannister / Erick Sandlin / David Ramirez
Squarespace / WHT BX / Sundance Cinemas


A SerialBox Production

EP/01 of SerialBoxTV centers around Seattle based singer/songwriter Noah Gundersen. Noah is a SerialBox Presents alum and a friend of the project. When we began the process of selecting an artist for our pilot episode, Noah was a natural fit. He's an incredible live performer, but beyond that, is singularly focused on making worthwhile music. We knew that it would be a fantastic fit.

Production for this episode included a studio session in Houston, as well as 2 production days in Seattle, shooting doc, interview, and one-takes. The resulting 30 minute episode represents a direction for SerialBoxTV, a path forward as we look to expand the series.


Directed by // Ryan Booth
Executive Producers // Micah Bickham / Patrick Dodd / Ryan Booth
Featuring // Noah Gundersen
Teaser Edited by // Lucas Harger
Teaser Mixed by // Daniel Karr
Teaser Track by // Steve Horne


A preview of the upcoming SerialBoxTV episode featuring Noah Gundersen. 
SERIALBOXTV is an episodic television show that combines documentary explorations, intimate interviews, cinematic studio performances, and on-location, single-camera one-takes with a simple goal in mind: to create a music show unlike anything you've seen before in an effort to capture the truest, most honest portrait of both the music and artists that we all know and love.


Directed / Shot / Graded by // Ryan Booth
Audio tracked by // Sam Stewart
1st AC // Jordy Wax
Edited by // Lucas Harger
Mixed by // Steve Horne
Performed by // Noah Gundersen x David Ramirez
Music by // Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash

Noah Gundersen and David Ramirez perform Girl from the North Country live and in one-take for an upcoming release of SerialBoxTV. Filmed at the Fremont Abbey in Seattle, Washington 


words/music by // Noah Gundersen

Directed by // Ryan Booth
Shot by // Ryan Booth / Chase Smith / Joey Mathews / Daniel Karr / Brittan Pittman // Jordy Wax / Neil Sandoz
Audio Recorded by // Michael Razmandi / Jay Snider
Mixed by // Jay Snider
Mastered by // Ty Robins
Edited by // Lucas J Harger
Title Design by // Tyler Swanner
Title Animation / VHS Party // Casey Latiolais / Lucas J Harger


End Title Sequence from EP/01 of SerialBoxTV feat. Noah Gundersen. 
This is the very end of the 42 minute SerialBoxTV pilot and features Noah Gundersen playing his song, Cigarettes, completely live, in one take. We introduced a MoVI to create a different kind of perspective to the song and visually included both the crew and the set/gear we used to make the studio session.

The full pilot is actively pitching the show to networks and distribution outlets.

Editor of moving pictures in St. Louis.